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Smackover / Brown Dense Formation - Arkansas / Louisiana Oil & Natural Gas Field

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What is the Smackover Brown Dense formation?  The Smackover / Brown Dense Formation is an oil and natural gas field located in Arkansas and Northern Louisiana.  The smackover brown dense formation is a new emerging oil field being explored by several major oil & gas drilling companies.  The Arkansas Shale could hold more than .1 - 1 billion barrels of oil which would be a huge oil discovery.  While the Smackover Brown Dense Play has not been mentioned a lot, landing leasing activity has been picking up with many companies acquiring mineral rights.  Could the Smackover Shale be as big as the Eagle Ford Shale?  Probably not, but if it is anywhere close, the Lower Smackover will be a huge success.  Expect to hear a lot more details about this shale field in 2012.  More.....

The Horizontal Smackover Brown Dense Shale is between 8,500-11,100 feet deep and between 325-540 ft thick.  While a lot of people refer to this oil play as a shale, it is actually a mudstone and a limestome.  While the Smackover Brown Dense Oil Field's core area is in Southwest Arkansas and Northern Louisiana, it has the potential to expand into Mississippi, Texas, and possibly extreme western Florida.  While Florida is not known for and oil fields or shale fields, Florida could eventually be tested.  The geology of the lower smackover in northern Louisiana has the trend formation sitting just below the haynesville shale.  Another recent oil discovery to the south of both the haynesville shale and lower smackover shale, is the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale.  For more on the Geology of the Brown Dense / Smackover Formation, see comments below.

Below is a list of prospective counties/parishes located in the Smackover Dense Brown Shale:

Arkansas (AR) - Ashley County, AR - Bradley County, AR - Calhoun County, AR - Clark County, AR - Columbia County, AR - Hempstead County, AR - Howard County, AR - Lafayette County, AR - Little River County, AR - Miller County, AR - Nevada County, AR - Ouachita County, AR - Sevier County, AR - Union County, AR

Louisiana (LA) - Bossier Parish, LA - Caddo Parish, LA - Claiborne Parish, LA  - Lincoln Parish, LA - Morehouse County, LA - Ouachita Parish, LA - Richland County, LA - Union Parish, LA -  Webster County, LA

Smackover Brown Dense Map - Lower Smackover Shale
Smackover Brown Dense Map
Lower Smackover Shale Map

Smackover / Brown Dense Formation Geology - The Smackover / Brown Dense Formation is a combination of different zones.  This oil play has a lot of potential in all of the different core zones.  Here are some comments out of a recent conference regarding the geology of the Brown Dense Formation, Lower Smackover Formation, Middle Smackover Formation, and the Upper Smackover Formation.

" The Brown Dense that we're going for is 300- to 500-foot thick. Right above the Brown Dense is the middle Smackover. The middle Smackover is about 150-foot thick. It is a very, very tight bright white limestone, and we're considering it to seal for the Brown Dense. And then above that tight limestone is the conventional Smackover that all of these fields in Southern Arkansas and North Louisiana produce oil from for all these years. That upper Smackover has very high porosity, permeability and has water. So somehow it is from a fault that would go from the porous [ph] Smackover all the way down into the Brown Dense or from -- it would be really strange to have a frac that high. But if somehow you could fracture all the Brown Dense through 200 feet of tight rock and then get into that, you can actually have water come from that up the interval. "

Companies drilling in the Smackover Brown Dense Shale - Smackover Brown Dense Shale Stocks

Southwestern Energy (SWN) - Southwestern Energy (SWN) is the top drilling exploration company in the Smackover Brown Dense Formation - Southwestern has approximately 540,000 net acres targeting the Lower Smackover Brown Dense formation in southern Arkansas and northern Louisiana. In February 2012, Southwestern completed its first well in the area, the Roberson 18-19 #1-15H located in Columbia County, Arkansas, at a total depth of approximately 9,369 feet and a horizontal lateral length of approximately 3,600 feet. After initially producing the well in February, this well was shut-in for pressure-buildup testing in March. The company continues to perform testing on the well and is currently re-completing one stage in the heel of the well. The company's second well, the Garrett 7-23-5H #1 located in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana, was drilled to a vertical depth in February 2012 of approximately 10,863 feet with a 6,536-foot horizontal lateral and was completed with 19 fracture stimulation stages. After 48 days of flowing up casing, this well's highest 24-hour producing rate to date was 301 barrels of 52 degree API oil per day, 1,700 Mcf per day and 2,200 barrels of water per day (55% of load recovered to date). The company is currently running tubing in the well and believes that the rate could continue to increase until approximately 65% of the fluid load is recovered, which is estimated at the end of May. The company's third well, the BML #31-22 #1-1H located in Union Parish, Louisiana, is currently drilling to a planned horizontal lateral length of approximately 4,000 feet, after sidetracking the first lateral in March due to stuck pipe. This well is scheduled to be completed in May with 30 fracture stimulation stages. The company plans to allocate more capital to the Brown Dense play in 2012 for the acquisition of additional leasehold and potentially adding another rig in the area in the third quarter. If the company's drilling program continues to yield positive results, it expects that activity in the play could increase significantly over the next several years.

Cabot Oil & Gas (COG) - Cabot Oil & Gas (COG) is drilling in the lower smackover shale formation - Cabot disclosed that its initial well in the Brown Dense/Smackover in Union County, Arkansas, reached a peak production rate of 206 barrels of oil per day from a 10-stage frac. "This early test demonstrates the productivity of the Brown Dense. With this and other data points we will continue efforts to enhance the play with science and technology," said Dinges. "We hold 13,600 net acres in the play."

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