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Tuscaloosa Marine Shale - Louisiana / Mississippi Oil & Natural Gas Field

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What is the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale?  The Tuscaloosa Marine Shale is an oil and natural gas field located in Southern Louisiana and extends into parts of Mississippi.  The Tuscaloosa Marine Shale has been getting a lot of attention from drilling companies lately due to It's unique characteristics.  The Tuscaloosa Marine Shale is anticipated to hold both Oil & Gas in Louisiana and Mississippi.  While still in It's infancy, expect to hear a lot more about the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale in the coming months and years ahead, especially with higher oil prices.  Some drilling operators are acquiring mineral rights because they like the Geology of the actual shale.  The Tuscaloosa Marine play is said to be rich in silica which is very brittle and can break easily.  If this is infact the case, expect the cost of drilling these wells to be fairly low and the wells to be very productive.

The Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Trend spreads over the following county or parishes

Louisiana (LA) -  Allen County, Ascension Parish,  Avoyelles County, Beauregard County, Catahoula County, Concordia County, East Baton Rouge, East Feliciana Parish,  Evangeline County, Grant County, Livingston County, La Salle County, Natchitoches County, New Orleans, Pointe Coupee County, Rapides County, Sabine County, St. Helena County,  St. Landry County, St. Tammany County, Tangipahoa County,  Vernon County, West Baton Rouge, Washington County, West Feliciana Parish.

Mississippi (MS) - Adams County, Amite County, Franklin County, Pike County, Walthall County, Wilkinson County

One major oil & gas company, Encana (ECA), is very excited about the prospects of the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale. Encana sees this opportunity as a large unconventional oil- and liquids-rich natural gas resource play and had this to say in their last conference call: During the quarter, we captured additional acreage in the Tuscaloosa marine shale, bringing our total land position in this play to approximately 270,000 net acres. We completed an existing horizontal well in Amite County as part of our joint venture agreement, and we are very encouraged by the results. The well had a 30-day initial production rate of 310 barrels per day in light oil from 5 effective completion stages. This well has been on production for about 125 days, and we forecasted expected ultimate recovery of 145,000 barrels of oil. We are currently drilling the first of 2 planned horizontal wells, targeting a 7,500-foot lateral length with 30 planned completion stages and expect to begin completion activities in November 2011.  Encana expects to really ramp up the Tuscaloosa Marine Formation in 2012.

Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Map
Tuscaloosa Marine Shale
Tuscaloosa Marine Shale - Oil Field

Companies drilling in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale - Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Stocks

Encana (ECA) - Encana (ECA) has 310,000 acres of land leases in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale - Exploration and liquids portfolio update — promising results in Tuscaloosa Marine Shale
In the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale, where the company has about 310,000 net acres straddling the Mississippi and Louisiana border, Encana currently has three wells on production. The Board of Education 01H was a well drilled by a previous operator and completed by Encana. The Weyerhaeuser 73H-1 well was drilled by Encana at a horizontal lateral length of approximately 5,000 feet with a 30-day initial production rate of 740 barrels of oil equivalent per day (BOE/d). The Horseshoe Hill 10H-1 was drilled to a lateral length of 5,300 feet and successfully completed with 18 stages, and had an initial 30-day production rate of 656 BOE/d. Two additional wells were drilled in the quarter with lateral lengths of 7,500 feet and 8,800 feet and are expected to be completed by the end of April.

Devon Energy (DVN) - Devon Energy (DVN) Tuscaloosa Marine Shale - It has been reported in the news that Devon Energy has applied to drill two oil & gas wells in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. In the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale, we have completed our first 2 horizontal wells in the play. The Beech Grove 68H was a short-lateral horizontal and had a series of mechanical problems but still managed to deliver a 24-hour IP of 186 barrels per day. This well is not indicative of what a properly completed long-lateral horizontal well can do in the Tuscaloosa. The second well, the Soterra 6H-1, is just starting to flow back, following the fracture stimulation. We are adding a second rig in the Tuscaloosa in March and expect to have 10 wells down in the play by year end.

Goodrich Petroleum (GDP) - Goodrich Petroleum (GDP) Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Update Mississippi - Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Trend
The Company has increased its acreage position in the play by approximately 17,800 net acres, for $4.3 million, bringing the total acreage position to approximately 102,600 net acres.

The Company has participated for an approximate 5% non-operated working interest in the Anderson 17H-1 well in Amite County, Mississippi. The well, which was drilled with an approximate 7,300 foot lateral and completed with 30 frac stages, is in the completion phase with flowback expected to begin within one to two weeks. For the remainder of 2012, the Company currently expects to participate in two to four additional non-operated wells and two to five operated wells, with a capital expenditure allocation of $20 – 45 million. The Company's first operated well, the Denkmann 33 H-1, is expected to commence by the end of May.

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